- A team of specialists ; more than 20 buyers are working for your overstock. They analyze your products, work on your item’s data and offer you the best price ever. Actually, every buyer is specialized in a kind of product. All of them are, thus, very competent and professional in their area. And this is; certainly; what guarantees the quality of our services.

- An integrated quality department ; Once you have accepted the offer, you are required to send us a sample for confirmation. Then, our quality department will come to the warehouse and inspect the final stock before shipment. We are already working with many good suppliers. Confidence, trust and quality are the bases of our business.

- A successful logistic service; the logistic department is responsible of overseeing the flow of information and goods from the moment of giving the order to deliver goods to the final customer.

The goals of the logistic department are saving time, reducing costs and limiting the storage time for everyone..

In this department, we are in charge of organizing all the supply chain. On most of the cases, we ensure the shipment from the supplier’s nearest port to one of our delivery sites in France. Also, we're developing other markets in Africa and all over the world and thus we need to oversee the transportation of our goods there. Once our order is ready to be shipped and as soon as we have the ordering information, we will launch the corresponding booking procedure. We will choose the best forwarder based on the best cost and service to handle the flow from the pick-up place to the final delivery destination. All our orders will be supervised and followed-up all the time and during all phases. Be sure we are opting to give the best instructions and to treat incoming problems carefully in order to deliver the goods under the best conditions.

We are here to ensure a smooth logistic process.

In addition to these basic tasks, the logistic department creates and builds the logistical studies and strategic logistic planning.

According to the companies and the strategic choice, the logistic manager will speak on the three previously mentioned functions, or mainly one of them. Thus, it can work : in the purchasing service, production and exploitation."

- Important means of payment; we pay the deposit after the confirmation of the sample. We pay the balance at the reception of the shipping documents. Our payments are made by international bank transfers and we will send you the swift on the next day. You will have all the guarantees you need about our payment.

360° buying process

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